What is Salsa @ City Hall?

Salsa at City Hall is a free weekly Latin social dance event held every Wednesday (6-11pm) in July and August, at Ottawa’s City Hall.

We aim to bring the joy of Latin dancing (salsa, bachata, cha-cha, merengue) to people who have yet to discover it, as well as to those who already live it.

Each party starts with a one-hour dance lesson, followed by social dancing and performances throughout the evening with some of the best Latin DJ’s the city has to offer.

Is it indoors or outdoors?

Depends on the weather. In good weather, we dance outside on the Rink of Dreams. In case of rain or excessive heat, we move indoors to the Jean Pigott Hall of City Hall.

We make the final call around 3pm the day of each event and announce it on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you’re connected to us and never miss an update!

Do I need to know how to dance?

No, we’ll teach you! Each party starts with a beginner-friendly dance lesson (different lesson/dance every week!) so come and take your first dancing steps at Salsa @ City Hall!

Instructors from Ottawa’s best Latin dance schools will make sure you learn a few simple moves so you can dance the night away with dancers of all levels.

Do I need to come with a partner?

No, you’ll meet lots of people here! Social dancing starts with “social”; with hundreds of people attending every week, you will have lots of dance partners.

You can ask anyone for a dance, but if you’re feeling shy, ask one of our volunteers! They will be happy to dance with you as well as introduce you to a few friendly dancers to help you get started.

How much is it?

All Salsa @ City Hall events are FREE. We are thrilled to be part of the City of Ottawa’s Summer Activities Program which facilitates free community events on the Rink of Dreams throughout the summer.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, casual summer clothes, and shoes that will stay on your feet (no flip-flops or other open-back shoes that you can kick off, please).

You’ll be moving, turning and, well, dancing! Make sure your outfit keeps you cool and comfortable without getting in the way.

Should I bring my dance shoes?

For indoor events, yes – the floor is great for all dance shoes.

For outdoor events, the concrete rink might wreck suede or other delicate soles, so we recommend street-safe shoes.

Can I bring my kids?

Our events are family-friendly and children are very welcome.

Caution: prolonged exposure to loud music can lead to hearing damage so please keep your little ones a safe distance away from the speakers.

Where can I park?

Check the Parkopedia map. City parking and street parking are both available.

Is there food?

Yes, we have food vendors on site!  Please check our Facebook events to see which vendors will be there each week.

Can I get a drink?

Bring your reusable water bottle! We have fruit-infused water available by donation, and there are water fountains on site. We are doing our best to keep these events green, so we do not sell or provide single-use cups or bottles.

Some of our food vendors also sell soft drinks.

No alcoholic drinks are sold or allowed at Salsa @ City Hall.

Where can I put my stuff?

We do not have a coat/bag check or any secure storage area.

We recommend bringing only the bare necessities with you, so you can focus on dancing rather than worrying about your stuff.

Most people leave their things on/under tables and chairs, and we haven’t had anything go missing. However, Salsa @ City Hall cannot guarantee the security of any possessions you leave unattended and is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Who organizes Salsa @ City Hall?

Salsa @ City Hall is organized by a team of dedicated volunteers, and made possible by Ottawa’s Latin Dance schools as well as the City of Ottawa.

To learn more about everyone involved, check out the About page.

Can I request a song / send you feedback / ask you a question?

Contact Us! We look forward to hearing from you!